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    Integrated information system - 'IBISyS' - Multimedia Clinic – MMC

        Software for business operations in hospitals, clinics and medical offices.

Admission desk - nurses

A patient can explicitly be found by entering any parameter or parameter part, such as just one part of his first or last name, record number, address or phone number.

All data is available on a single screen,
i.e. all transaction on one screen using the drag & drop function.

After the initial basic data entry of a patient, a medical examination screen will be opened automatically by each of his next visits.
In addition to the usual schedule, which is available in a printable form to the nurse or secretary, the program also offers a "tree view",
which shows the time and department of patient’s appointment.

The scheduler allows an easy view of all patient appointments per department, showing the doctors’ and patients’ names.  The scheduler leads directly to the patient’s record and medical history. The weekly overview can easily be scrolled per day.