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    Integrated information system - 'IBISyS' - Multimedia Clinic – MMC

        Software for business operations in hospitals, clinics and medical offices.

Advanced options

These medical specialist screens were developed in detail:

General medical practice            Thoracic surgery

Cardiology                                       Cosmetic surgery

Gastroenterology                      Ophthalmology

Neuropsychiatry                        Pediatrics

Neurology                                Allergology

Gynecology                              Iinternal medicine

Doctor's room

Depending on the priority level, a doctor can be authorized to view beside his patients, also other doctors’ patients.

A doctor receives his appointments along with the patient’s lab results on his screen sent by a nurse.  After the examination, the patient is sent for payment by a simple mouse click.

The software imports records from CT, MR, ultrasound, dental and eye cameras. An image or record is directly connected to a selected examination and is located in the data base along with other data and examinations of a patient. Due to special compression it will not strain the capacity of the data base.

The doctor has the opportunity to choose between a general or parameterized medical report creation. Linked to both finding forms, the doctor has the possibility to create his own templates.