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    Integrated information system - 'IBISyS' - Multimedia Clinic MMC

        Software for business operations in hospitals, clinics and medical offices.

Cloud Version

There are cloud solutions for medical offices, clinics and hospitals.

All you need is a good internet connection and bypass the eventual 'sluggishness' of your local network.

    1. Server version - the software and database are on the cloud server virtual machine of the provider.

    2. Client - Cloud server version - the software is on the local computer and the database on the Cloud server.

The software explicitly communicates with the database on the Cloud without using web browsers and web servers.

This allows real-time internet, which means that all program forms of data processing are working at the same time on a send / receive base, whereby all conformity, functionality, reliability and aesthetics of the visual-objective user-friendly programming environment have been retained.